If this year has taught us anything… Everything can change in a day, in a moment even. That’s why it makes it even more imperative for us to enjoy those moments when everything is going smoothly and do what we are able to steer things in the “right” direction.

This month, the Angels (as part of my own Spiritual Support Team) have really been stressing that they are here for every one of us and not just in the challenging moments.

They are here to help us so that things do go more smoothly than not in our day-to-day lives.

Wisdom From Archangel Uriel

Last month, I started the “Archangel Spotlight”. At first, I spotlighted a new Angel every week. Unfortunately, I realized it really wasn’t sustainable. So, I am now featuring a new Angel each month.

Currently, we’re focused on Archangel Uriel, and we still have two weeks to go!

In case you’ve missed them, here are the posts I’ve shared in this month’s series:


  • Angel Wisdom: Archangel Uriel

    Do you experience confusion, fogginess, or uncertainty? At times like these, Archangel Uriel can help us to see more clearly.

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  • “How May I Serve?” Finding Life Purpose With Archangel Uriel

    While finding one’s Purpose sounds easy, Archangel Uriel’s message reminds us that it’s not what many of us think it is. Our true Purpose is something that often takes a lifetime to realize.

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Other Posts You May Have Missed

  • Choosing the Path of Love OR Fear

    Are you creating from the Path of Love or the Path of Fear? There are only two paths from which to choose and there is no “middle ground”. Love or Fear, BUT we do bounce between the two throughout our waking time.

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  • Darkness and Light, A Choice To Make: Messages From the Angels of Light

    The darkness is pretty prevalent right now. It can sometimes feel as though it is closing in. The Angels of Light had some wisdom to share with me about this. Please click the link to read more.

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  • Aligning With the Seasons of Our Soul: Angel Wisdom for November 9th – 15th 2020

    This week, the Angels spoke to us about the natural process of growth each of us engages in throughout our lives. Not unlike nature itself, each of us experiences seasons within our lives: winter, spring, summer, and autumn, and while it looks slightly different for us than it does the flora and fauna of our planet, the energy is very similar.

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  • Chamuel, Angel of Pure Love, Peace, and Harmony: Archangel Spotlight

    Archangel Chamuel is in the Spotlight this week! The Angel of Pure Love, Peace, and Harmony his presence in our lives and the world is needed more than ever!

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  • The Angels, Our Traveling Companions

    The Angels reminded us, again, this week, that they are always here for us. Not just in “times of trouble”. They urge us to call upon them any time – no request is too great or too small.

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  • Know ThySelf: A Message From the Angels of Light

    How do we “save the world”? The Angels tell us we do so by focusing on our own healing and expansion. 

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  • Haniel, Angel of Intuition & Feminine Power: Archangel Spotlight

    Would you like to be more in touch with your Intuition? How about your Feminine Power (regardless of your gender)? Archangel Haniel can assist us with these things!

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  • Burdens Shared: Message From Archangel Jophiel

    Earlier in the week, I shared part of the message I received from Archangel Jophiel. Here it is in its entirety.

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Ask the Angels

Do you have a general question you would like me to pose to the Angels?

Now is your chance!

Periodically, throughout the month, I sit down for a question and answer session with the Angels (or the Archangel in the Spotlight).

If you have a question you would like included in future sessions, please click the button below to submit it. If it is in-alignment, I’ll use it the next time I chat with the most “appropriate” angel to answer it.

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours experience bushels of love, joy, and harmony in your lives! ❤️

Much Love and Many Blessings to You,

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