When I was inspired with this idea, I ran with it! I had no idea (and I still don’t) what it was to become, only that I was going to be “good” and follow the guidance.

So, here I am. Continuing to follow the guidance.

The funny thing about following guidance and “living in alignment” with our Spirit is… While we may have plans or expectations for something, all of that can change in a moment. We can expect to go right when the guidance to “turn left” comes, and we turn left.

In some ways, it leaves us feeling just a bit off-kilter but my somewhat limited (at this point) experience has shown me this is the most rewarding way to live – aligned with Spirit. It can also be the most confounding at times.

Spirit is all about the experience, the expansion, and will lead us on a merry chase at times.

Sometimes we feel as though we have found our “Purpose”, what we are meant to do with this lifetime, only to discover that was not the case at all. Our Spirit only intended us to get a wee little piece of our bigger puzzle out of it.

I have experienced this “song and dance” for a couple of years now, and I thought I had finally “found it”! (Eureka!) Only, again, to discover that the path I was on was just a little piece of the puzzle and not “it”.

So, once again, I regroup, realign and continue on, listening to Spirit along the way, putting one foot in front of the other.

I do know and trust what I am being led to will be even better than what I have come across thus far.

Sending you SO much love! ❤️

With Love, Light, and In Service,