Connecting With Our Little Inner Angel

Jan 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Hello, beautiful Soul!

I am in the midst of feeling into and re-evaluating the work I do in the world at the moment.

Back in 2019, what I did looked very different.

My work was about creativity and working with our Divine Inner Child.

It was PLAYFUL and FUN!

At some point, along the way, though, my focus became much more serious, and, truth be told… I stopped (really) having fun with it!

I am happy to say, I am now being called to merge these two bodies of “work”.

Together, we’re going to start listening to our DIVINE Inner Child more.

Not what our Inner Child has become after the dust of the world settled upon it. Rather, the DIVINE being that knows LOVE, JOY, FUN, and that the world is a MAGICAL place.

We can think of it as our Little Angel Within.

See, A LOT (if not ALL) the challenges we face in life, individually and collectively, are due to a wounded Inner Child – ours or that of others.

I’m getting the message that our Little Angel Within (our DIVINE Inner Child), along with the assistance of the Angels and the Faeries, can help to heal the Wounded Inner Child.

Stay tuned! There is A LOT more to come!

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Sending you SO much love! ❤️

With Love, Light, and In Service,

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