Good morning, beautiful Soul!

I do hope this finds you well on this bright Sunday morning.

Soul Sunday is a feature that I haven’t done – here on the blog – for some time now, but it’s one that I was inspired to resurrect this morning.

Sundays naturally carry with them a slow, relaxed energy. It’s the perfect time to just ponder and dream, to tune-in to our Spirit, to listen, and just be.

That’s exactly what I’m doing this morning, and I just wanted to share it with you.

Not to “teach” or “preach” or “sell”, but just to be… to be with you in a relaxed, uplifting way.

We really don’t get much of a chance to do that, do we?

Not as much as I would like.

How about you?

I first started blogging back in… Oh, gosh! 2010! And have been doing in some form or another ever since.

At the time, I was a military spouse, and, when I first started Hiccups In Time (my Mommy Blog), our family was preparing for yet another deployment. That time, DH was going to Afghanistan. Thankfully, it was his last deployment prior to retirement.

I started blogging, not only to share our family’s deployment story and, hopefully, assist other military spouses as they, too, faced life during a deployment, but also to CONNECT with others.

And those are my reasons for continuing to blog.

Well, not so much to tell our “deployment story”, of course. Military life is far behind us with DH having retired in 2013. But assisting others and CONNECTING with them continues to be overarching reasons for the things I do, for the Spiritual Business I give life to.

That is my greater purpose… to help lighten the load of others as best I can because I have been “in the trenches”, so to speak. I have lived life in a headspace when my greatest desire was to, somehow, escape or “take my toys and go Home”.

These days, though. I’m just not ready to “go Home”. It has taken me many years and A LOT of work, but I have found (and continue to find) the MAGIC in life.

Overall, I’m having way too much fun! And I’m not yet done doing what I’ve set out to do…

That is, assisting others to get in the same sort of magical space.

At least their own brand of magical space.

And this is what I INTEND to do more of in 2021.

This year, we’re going to connect with our Little Angel Within more.

Who is she/he?

That is the being that we came into this world as. The being that still exists beneath the layer of “dust” this world has settled upon us.

In fact, I had a meditation shared with me by my Spiritual Support Team this weekend that I can’t wait to put together. (Hopefully, this next week!)

It’s one in which we clear the “worldly dust” from our Inner Child, so we can start 2021 with a clean, clear slate, and through the eyes of our Little Angel Within, our Divine Being.

If you would like to be notified when this meditation, which WILL be FREE for download, is complete and ready for your listening pleasure, just subscribe for my updates below.

Well, dear friend, it is time for me to get started with my day.

May you continue to have a nice, relaxing day in which you experience a bushel of ease and magic!

Until next time, take care!

Sending you SO much love! ❤️

With Love, Light, and In Service,