Are you considering seeking guidance from a psychic on a psychic line?

Maybe, you’re researching reviews, trying to get a sense whether it would be the right move for you or not.

Or, maybe, you’re a “psychic” or Intuitive trying to decide whether working on a psychic line is a good move for you.

Admittedly, I’ve only been working on a single psychic line for a short while now, but I feel as though I have enough experience to share these impressions with you.

If you are going onto a psychic line seeking guidance, please don’t fixate on the money you’re paying.

I know, that is easy for me to say, but please hear me out.

On the psychic line, you pay for guidance by the minute. As you receive the message that is meant for you, you likely sit there staring at the counter. You don’t want to pay a lot, but at what cost?

You stay on there for… what? Five minutes, get a snippet of a message and are either satisfied by it OR come to the conclusion that the psychic you talked to doesn’t know what they’re talking about and move on.

To where?

Another psychic? Another line entirely?

How many times do you end up doing that?

Think how much money you spend in the end doing this.

When, if you had stuck it out with one psychic and spent the same amount of money, you may have received a greater view of the whole picture, rather than a small piece of the puzzle you received by listening for 4-5 minutes and hanging up.

Maybe, what they were telling you was not what you wanted to hear.

That’s valid, but was it what you needed to hear?

As the old saying goes, “don’t ask the question unless you want to hear the answer“.

As a “psychic” (I, personally, prefer “Intuitive”, myself, but it is what it is), my greatest desire is to utilize the gifts that Spirit has bestowed upon me to empower others to create better lives for themselves.

Yes, it is my desire to make a liveable wage for myself and my family, just like any other person, but I am not going to deceive people in the process of doing it.

That’s not who I AM.

One only needs to read the reviews I have received from others to realize this.

And, I am most certainly not out to hurt anyone or make them feel bad.

Sometimes, the messages that come through to me are not rainbows and sunshine, BUT I make a point to deliver them as gently as possible.

I also make a point to give my clients (and if you are a person connecting with me via the psychic line, I consider you to be one of my clients), the best information possible to help get them moving forward.

I truly believe each of us is constantly being asked to grow and expand in our lives. The challenges we experience in our lives are given to us to meet that end. Not to hurt us. Though, they often have that effect.

“God” is not “punishing” us.

“Life” does not  “hate” us.

Sometimes, we as humans get in a comfy spot in our lives. One in which we do not want to step out.

After all, change is rarely comfortable, right?

Sometimes, our Higher Self needs to step in and give us a little shove to get us moving forward – growing and expanding – again.

This can look like losing that dead-end job through no fault of our own.

Or that boyfriend we’ve been with for many, many years “ghosting” us.

Or the illness that shows up suddenly.

There are many things our Spirit can “pull out” of Its “bag of tricks” to get us moving in the direction it needs us to move again.

Does that mean that it “hates” us?

No, not at all!

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

It LOVES us more than mere words can express, and it KNOWS that something even BETTER is waiting for us on the other side of hardship and heartache. BUT, if we never get moving, we’ll never get there.

And we humans can be a bit stubborn. We “want what we want, when we want it”. So, Spirit sometimes needs to employ some drastic measures.

It’s a bit like getting a mule to move forward when it doesn’t want to.

All of this to say…

If you are going to invest in yourself… COMMIT to it. Don’t half-ass it.

COMMIT the funds necessary, and COMMIT to sticking around to hear the entirety of the message.

But MOST OF ALL, don’t shoot the messenger.

If you’re not ready to hear the answer, you’re not ready to ask the question.

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I do hope you have found some nuggets of wisdom there, and that you find the answers and clarity your heart is seeking.

Until next time, dear and beautiful soul, I am sending you SO much love and many wishes for Grace, Peace, and JOY in your life! ❤️

Take care!

With Love, Light, and In Service,

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