Good morning, dear friend! Here we are on another Monday morning, and I’m here with more messages from Spirit.

Why do I do these?

When we get stuck in our head as we chew on a problem or fixate on a situation in our life, it can be difficult to clearly hear Divine Guidance. In situations like that, it can be most helpful to seek that guidance through someone else (like me!) who is intuitive and not involved in the situation.

As a Spiritual Life Mentor, all of my services (Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Life Mentoring, and Intuitive Business Consultation sessions) incorporate Intuitive Guidance.

Essentially, when you’re meeting with me, you’re not just meeting with me. You’re meeting with Spirit, your Angels and Spirit Team, as well as mine”. (What a gathering!)

That’s what these Monday Messages are all about!

Conveying to you what it is that Spirit, as well as your Angels and Spiritual Support Team, want you to know that you may be too “in your head” and/or preoccupied to hear.

Just know, if you are guided to listen to this, whenever you do, this message is for you!

I hope the message resonated with you, my friend.

Until next time, dear and beautiful soul, I wish for you SO much JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and ABUNDANCE. ❤️

Take care!

With Love, Light, and In Service,

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