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This week, my dear friend, Courtney Fae Long is hosting an event for entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, and creative souls.

The Sizzlin’ Hot Spring Spectacular is hosting 10 (including Courtney) experts that mentor folks like me!

And it was through this event that I “met” Meghan Gilroy, who mentors “soul-led entrepreneurs, coaches, & healers to amplify [their] inner light”.

I resonated with her immediately, but even more so after I joined her Fully Shining Women group on Facebook.

This week, she shared a post about pretending. In it, she shared all the ways she’s been pretending in her life.

It opened my eyes and made me realize all the ways I’ve been pretending in my own life.

See, innately each of us is a bright, beautiful, AMAZING and MAGNIFICIENT being of LIGHT. Within us exists the power to create WORLDS, let alone the things we desire to experience in our lives!

Only, when we descend into the lower vibrations of this physical, earth reality, we forget that, and we pretend to be someone we really aren’t.

For certain, we have to learn how to navigate the “realities” and work with the laws that exist in this realm. Even they are malleable when we really begin to own our innate power and embody our MAGNIFICENCE.

So, for my list…

I have been pretending that life is a struggle and fearing that my needs, wants, and desires won’t be fulfilled.

Do you want to know the truth?

My needs and most of my wants and desires have always been seen to. Even in those situations where I feared for the well-being of myself and my kids, I was guided to a place where I found kind, gracious, and helpful people, who made sure we were taken care of.

I have been pretending in my business, fearing that I’m an “imposter”, that I’m “not enough”.

The truth of the matter is… I make a real difference in the lives of the people who work with me, clients as well as followers. The testimonials I’ve collected from people thus far are… well, a testament to that.

I have pretended to be invisible. It’s made the frightened little girl within me feel safe because it wasn’t always safe for her to be seen.

I have pretended that I have to work “hard” and do everything “right”, the same way that other people do it to be successful.

The truth of the matter is I can follow my own, unique inner guidance, have fun and fill my “work” time with things that bring me pleasure and still be successful.

I’ve been pretending that “success” looks the same for everyone, that it means having LOTS of clients and making LOTS of money.

The truth is, if all of my needs are fulfilled and I make a REAL difference in the lives of – even – a handful of people, I AM A SUCCESS.

So, have you been pretending, too? If so, how? In what areas of your life?

I would LOVE for you to share in the comments below!

Until next time, dear and beautiful soul, I wish for you SO much JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and ABUNDANCE. ❤️

Take care!

With Love, Light, and In Service,

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