“When you die, only three things will remain of you, since you will abandon all material things on the threshold of the Otherworld; what you have taught to others, what you have created with your hands, and how much love you have spread. So learn more and more in order to teach wise, long-lasting values. Work more and more to leave the world things of great beauty. And love, love, love people around you for the light of love heals everything.”
~ French Druid Triad – Francois Bourillon

Who Is Dawna?

As an energetic healer, animal communicator, and “Mistress of the Woo”, Dawna Kreis uses her spiritual gifts, creativity, and enthusiasm to heal, support, and uplift human and animal kind alike. She seeks to assist both in living a life in health, happiness, and harmony.

She is a Reiki practitioner and Master/Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Angelic Healing Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and member of the International Association of Therapists.

What’s with “Mental Mystic”?

“The Mental Mystic” is a name I gave myself a number of years ago, back when I was too in my head to actually allow my intuition to flow. Admittedly, while I am doing much better with this these days, my “peeps” do often remind me to:

1) get out of my head (ie logical thinking)
2) ask for their assistance.

Why have I gone back to it?

Being “logical” and rational minded is not something I’m really proud of, nor am I ashamed of it. It just “is”, and something that I need to be cognizant of as I work with and continue to strengthen my intuition.

The “moniker”, though, is something of a “conversation piece”. I feel it shows that we, as budding and even seasoned mystics, ALL start somewhere.

Some of us are born “switched on”.
Some of us aren’t. At least it doesn’t seem as though we are.
Some of us are raised by supportive families.
Some of us aren’t.
Just because our intuition does not seem to easily flow does not mean that we do not “have what it takes” or that we “aren’t intuitive”.
Each and everyone of us is a spark of Divine Energy encapsulated in an organic vessel.

Being “intuitive” is our birth-right, and we say, “I’m not intuitive”, it simply means that we’ve not yet discovered how it uniquely expresses itself within our being.

That’s when some guidance and encouragement goes A LONG way.
I’m happy to say that I have had those things in my own life, and it is my desire to pay-it-forward.
Welcome to my Hearth!
Pull up a seat, make yourself comfortable, and let’s have a little chat!
I truly look forward to connecting with you.

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