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What Is the Difference Between
an Intuitive Reading & Angel Wisdom Session?

An Intuitive Reading is a form of energy reading.

Everything in our Universe is made up of energy, and when we have a conversation -human-to-human or with our guides and angels – it is nothing more than an exchange of energy.

Intuitives are able to translate the “language” of energy into terms and expressions that others are better able to understand.

An Angel Wisdom Session will often include an Intuitive Reading. However, it is more than that. Because Dawna is an Energy Healer and Certified Life Coach, she incorporates these modalities into your session as well.

An Angel Wisdom Session is a special opportunity for you to have a conversation with your guides and Angels with Dawna acting as your personal translator.

You can ask specific questions about the topics closest to your heart, such as your life purpose, health, happiness, family, finances, etc. (For example, “What is my life purpose?” or “What am I meant to do next?”)

Ask ANY questions you want, about any topic!

Dawna will intuitively communicate with your guides and Angels and share their insights and guidance with you. In this interactive conversation, you’ll feel deeply understood, loved, and empowered as you receive your Spiritual Support Team’s loving guidance.

An Angel Wisdom Session is also an uplifting energy healing experience, lifting you into higher vibes of love, joy, abundance, inspiration, and new possibilities for your life!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of questions can I ask?

In the book that accompanies the Gaian Tarot  Joanna Powell Colbert shares the following information regarding what she calls the Art of Asking Questions:

Often, you or the person you’re reading for won’t know exactly what question they want to ask. You know you are troubled by a situation, or want some guidance, but are vague about specific questions. Take as long as you need to clarify your question. Fuzzy questions will generally lead to fuzzy answers.

It is helpful to focus on the area of life you’re interested in (such as relationships, career, health, money, travel, spiritual paths) and the time frame (right now, with the next week, month, season, or year). I have found the most success in doing readings for short periods of time. Doing a reading for a year from now may not give you accurate results, as the future is not set in stone.
It’s best to ask open-ended questions that begin with ‘what’, ‘how’, or ‘where’ rather than ‘will XYZ happen?’ Open-ended questions are much more empowering and insightful than yes/no questions. 
Mary K. Greer has said that her favorite all-purpose question is: ‘What do I most need to look at in my life right now?’ and I agree. Sometimes I add a topic, so the question becomes: ‘What do I most need to know about my health right now?’ or ‘What do I most need to know about my primary relationship right now?’

You can ask any questions you’d like, though, and as many as we have time for. Your Spirit Team and Angels know every intimate detail of your life and have great advice to offer you!

The more specific your questions, the better. You can prepare them ahead of time, or see what questions come to you during the reading. If you’re not sure what to ask, you can just see what your Spirit Team and the Angels want to share with you!

Below are examples of common questions.


– What’s my Life Purpose? What kind of career am I meant to have?

– What are my greatest gifts, talents and passions?

– What’s the next step for my career?

– I’m thinking about leaving my job. Is that a good idea?

– Who am I meant to help?

– What’s stopping me from moving forward with my Divine Purpose?


– What can I do to prepare myself to meet my soul mate?

– Is my current partner the right person for me? Should I stay or leave?

– How can I spice up the romance in my current relationship?

– How can I release my ex?

– I seem to date the same kind of person over and over. How can I release that pattern and attract a new kind of partner?

– How can I increase my self-love?

– How can I meet new friends?


– What are my intuitive and healing gifts?

– Am I a healer?

– How can I use my intuitive gifts to help others?

– How can I best develop my intuition and spiritual gifts?


– How can I improve my health?

– What foods should I be eating? Which should I avoid?

– I’m having trouble sleeping. How can I sleep better?

– I know I need more time to myself, but I feel guilty taking time away from my family. What advice do the Angels have for me?

– What types of healing sessions would best support my mind/body/spirit?


– I’m worried about money. How can I attract more financial abundance in my life?

– How can my business or career be more financially profitable?

– What is stopping me from attracting more money in my life?


– I’m worried about my son/daughter. What can I do to help them?

– How can I get along better with my spouse or family member?

– What would improve my family’s home life?


– What can I do to develop myself spiritually?

– What kinds of daily practices will develop my connection to the Divine/God/Spirit/Universe?

– Do I have subconscious blocks from past lives? If so, how can I heal them?


– I’m thinking about moving. Is it a good idea? Where should I move to?

– I want to take a vacation. Is it a good idea? Where should I go?

– How can I be happier?

As you can see, the types of questions and possibilities are endless!

Am I diving into the "Dark Arts" here?

I assure you… There are no Death Eaters here.

In all seriousness, though….

Maybe this is something you were taught to be concerned about as you were growing up. I assure you this is not the case. Though, like anything else, it can be abused. I, however, am not one to that such an approach.

Divination is a means to consciously connect with Spirit, in Its many forms. It is nothing more than a tool. 

Intuitives (sometimes referred to as “psychics”) will use as a tool to connect with all manner of spirit beings (ie the Divine/God/Goddess/Spirit, angels, spirit guides, etc.). For me, who I connect with really depends on the oracle or tarot deck. I tend to stick with Spirit, angels, and animal spirits.

Who are the Angels?

Angels are the energy of pure love and light. They have fun, loving personalities, and their purpose is to bring more peace, joy, love, and harmony to Planet Earth.

While you and I exist in the physical 3rd dimension of energy, Angels exist in higher energy frequencies, like the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions (aka “Heaven” or the spirit world).

Unlike humans, Angels have no egos. They love unconditionally and enthusiastically. They adore you, see your light, and want what’s for your highest good! 

Angels are not associated with any particular religion or spiritual doctrine (although they do appear in many religious and sacred texts).

The word “angel” derives from Greek and translates to “messenger of the Divine” (in other words, messengers between the seen and unseen worlds).

Please Note: An Angel or Intuitive Reading can work for you regardless of your spiritual, religious, or non-religious beliefs. I fully respect your viewpoints.

How can my Spirit Team & the Angels help me?

Imagine your life and Divine Life Purpose as an airplane and yourself as the captain. The passengers are the people you are meant to help. 

Your Spirit Team & Angels are your crew members. 

They care about your life & purpose just as much as you do!

As a human, you have blind spots (aka “the veil”). Thankfully, your Spirit Team & Angels, as your copilots, see your entire Divine Life Purpose, including what’s ahead, your hidden talents and healing gifts, the behaviors, beliefs, and fears blocking your path, and well… everything!

They have excellent, practical advice on how to get from one destination to the next so you can successfully help others and navigate your plane… err… your purpose.

Flying a plane requires many crew members… flight attendants, ground crew, a flight engineer, and more. Can you imagine juggling all these roles on your own? In fact, flying the plane by yourself would be downright impossible! 

Whether you’re new to working with Spirit Guides & Angels or a seasoned expert, now is the perfect time to call upon their help!

How does an Intuitive Reading work?

Could you imagine flying a plane without seeing or hearing your flight crew? Without their feedback, how would you know if you’re headed in the right direction?

An Intuitive Reading opens up the stream of communication between you and your crew (your Spirit Guides & the Angels).

Dawna is an Angel Communicator, Intuitive, and she channels messages from the Divine.

Your reading can be via Zoom, Skype, or email.

Dawna will then call upon your Spiritual team, including:

(1) God/Source/Spirit/Universe

(2) Your Higher Self (Soul)

(3) Archangel Michael (Angel of courage, strength, and protection)

(4) Your Guardian Angels

(5) Additional Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Departed Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, or Star Beings of love and light that wish to assist you for the highest good

If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel peaceful tingles as these celestial beings fill the room with love (kind of like a warm blanket of love wrapped all around you!).

Their presence can instantly raise your vibration, provide deep healing, and open your energy to receive miracles and major shifts in your life!

During the reading, Dawna will act as an antenna, receiving messages from your Spiritual Team & the Angels that are loving, validating, specific to you and your life purpose, and for your highest good. All you have to do is sit back, listen, enjoy, and have fun!

You are welcome to ask questions as we go along. During a reading, Dawna can draw additional cards or dowse with a pendulum for additional details or validate the information already shared. Prepare yourself for lots of fun, clarity, joy, and love!

Where Do Angel Wisdom Sessions Happen?

Available Worldwide via Zoom or Email

Enjoy being in the comfort of your own home or office while receiving guidance from your Spiritual Support Team & the Angels.

Doing your session via Zoom (video option) is best, so you and Dawna can see one another. You can also see the cards that she draws for you.

And all options provide you with a recording that you can watch/listen to long after your session has ended!

In addition, there is an “email” option.

Unlike others you may purchase such a reading from, though, this “email” reading is unique!

Instead of simply receiving a reading via typed text, Dawna records a video message for you! It’s almost like having an actual Zoom appointment with her, except you don’t have to scrape together the time to meet with her.

This is an especially GREAT option if you don’t live in a part of the world where her schedule is conducive to your timezone.  

“How Much Do Sessions/Readings Cost?”

Mini-Readings Via Zoom

15 minutes/30 minutes
1 Question/2-3 Questions


Intuitive Reading via Zoom

up to 45 minutes


Angel Wisdom Session

up to 60 minutes


Via “Email”

With this option, you receive a video recorded reading, which Dawna emails to you.

$33 – $144

“But I have concerns…”

I totally understand having concerns! Click on the questions for helpful insights.

I can't afford this right now.

You know, I’ve felt the same way with a lot of things over the years. Things I knew would assist me on my personal Journey of growth and expansion.

Do you know what I realized? It wasn’t the price that was stretching me as much as the actual idea of growing and stretching beyond my comfort zone.

Money – the expense or investment – was often my go-to-excuse.

“I can’t afford it” is the number one trick our egos play on us. Because in my experience, it is an excuse that allows us to remain in our comfort zone.

Not only our comfort zone, but the ego’s as well.

It’s actually terrified of us being happy, empowered, and shining brightly as we fulfill our Divine Purpose.

With that being said, can you afford NOT to make this investment in your Self? Your well-being? What are worry and confusion costing you?

I can tell you, it has cost me a great deal over the years!

I’ve heard of spiritual seekers spending thousands of dollars on programs that were great but didn’t provide the clarity they had hoped for. Can you relate?

Consider this an investment in yourself and your future happiness.

Feel into your being… If the reading doesn’t feel like a good fit for you or you don’t feel ready… it happens! BUT if every cell of your being is vibrating with ‘YES!’ then this is a good time to ask your Spiritual Team & the Angels for their help. Ask them (because they can’t help us unless we ask) to assist you in paying for this, then wait! It will come when the time is “right”.

Remember to release “I can’t afford it” because, if you hold onto that story, it will always be true for you. The Universe is always giving us what we believe. Isn’t it time to start creating a new story for yourself? A session with me could be the first step in doing just that!

Can't I ask my Team & Angels for advice on my own?

Yes, of course! I say, “go for it!” This isn’t a gift or talent only a few possess. We can all communicate with spirit beings.

There are a lot of people, though, who get frustrated because they just can’t seem to “hear” them. Can you relate? It’s not that your Team or the Angels are ignoring you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trouble is that it’s sometimes difficult to understand or interpret the answers when we receive them. 

See, the Angels and other Spirit Beings resonate at higher frequencies than we do. In order to communicate, we need to match their frequency. This is sometimes difficult to do, especially when we’re “having a rough way to go” or experiencing challenges in our lives. As a result, the messages that come to us can become muddled, difficult to interpret.

Even professional Intuitives sometimes get readings from others. After all, we all have our blind spots that someone else can help us more clearly see.

How do I know it will work for me?

If you are open-minded and willing to guidance from your Team & the Angels, an Intuitive Reading could provide you with muchly needed clarity and insights.

The answers may be different from those that you are expecting, but they will be for your highest good and happiness.

If something does not resonate with you, I suggest not completely discounting it. There have been a lot of instances when something does not resonate when its initially received but does later on.

Sometimes, the information received is something that we have to “grow into”.

As long as we go into the experience with an open heart and mind, everything that we need to know will come to us.

Is this similar to a "psychic reading"? I'm hesitant.

This is understandable. “Psychic” information has gotten a bad rap over the years and holds a stigma. This is has caused many to become hesitant, fearing that they’ll receive false information or foreboding messages. That is not my style, nor is it the intention of your Team or the Angels. Their messages are never anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, shameful, or afraid. The messages that I pass along are always loving, uplifting, and inspiring!

Are you ready to receive the CLARITY & INSIGHTS so you can experience
all the love, joy, and abundance meant for you?

I hope that helps!

If there are any other questions I may answer for you in order to gain a greater understanding of this path we will walk together, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I am happy to be of assistance!

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