Letters From GUS: Being In the NOW

May 3, 2021 | 0 comments

As I mentioned in the FB event I’d set up for Monday Messages this week, I’m feeling under the weather today and did not feel a Live was within my reach. BUT I did sit for a Letter From GUS this morning. (Even then, I think a bit of a lie-down will be in order today!)
You will find it below.
I hope it resonates with you and helps you, if even a little bit, as you go through your week.

Letter From GUS (God/Universe/Spirit) for May 3rd – 9th

[EDIT: When I was feeling better, I put the letter to music and video. I hope you enjoy it! The actual, written letter is still below.]

Beloved ONE,
As always, you are seen. In every moment, in every situation. For good or not, you are seen. You are witnessed. You are acknowledged for what you consider to be your “good” and you’re “not so good”. However, you are not judged.
Does that come as a surprise to you? It is true. It “is what it is”.
Deeds, experiences from our perspective are viewed more as that which serves your highest vision for yourself and that which does not. But there is no one “on high” keeping a running tally of what you do or do not do.
But that is not the message we wished to get through to you today.
Rather, the message we desire to impart on you is this idea of the “Bigger Picture”.
Many of you run around doing this or that thing believing that you have the “bigger picture” in your mind’s eye. You focus on it.
In other words, you have an “eye to the future”. The deeds you carry out are for the purpose of “securing your future”. You will “rest when you are dead” or really live your life once you “retire”.
From our perspective, though, the “bigger picture” is not to be found in some perceived future.
“Real life” or your “real” existence is found in the NOW. Every. Single. Moment. In which you find yourself. That is real life occurring.
The “future” is not set in stone. It is never guaranteed.
And the past… that only exists in your memories. As long as you hold onto those, onto the emotions that you experienced in the moments it was occurring, it continues to live.
Now, that could be perceived as a “good” thing or not, depending upon the nature of the situation that occurred. Still, even if the situation was “good”… such situations can be viewed through “rose colored glasses”, you might say.
Such is the case as the “good ol’ days” that many sometimes lament are not “today”. Though, those days were not always as “good” or for one’s highest good, as one might perceive them to be.
The only moment you truly have is NOW.
Many of your philosophers have “accurately” (not the exact wording preferred, but close enough) likened this to stepping in a stream. The same water you stepped into is not the same water in which you currently stand, nor will it be the same water you will stand in moments from now.
We wish to convey to you that it is in the NOW the so called “magic” of your world occurs.
It is in the NOW that synchronicity happens.
It is NOW in which we connect with you.
So, for this week, we ask you to become more aware of what is occurring in the moment, in your NOW.
How best to do this, you may ask?
Throughout your day – every so often, perhaps 3 to 5 times a day (note from Dawna: Set an alarm on your phone!), pause to really SEE, take notice of what is occurring around you. You can do this by noticing a particular color, sound, or smell. Presence – your Essence – is experienced through your senses. Use them. Put them to task.
Many of you ask “what is my purpose?”
No matter who you are… Your Life’s Purpose is to EXPERIENCE your life, your physical existence as your Highest (or Soul) Self. To embody your Essence and live life as an embodiment of that essence. How you do that is not as important as actually doing it. Be-ing versus do-ing.
Experience life! Really experience it!
Experience it for its ups and downs.
It’s ALL a part of the human experience, and it ALL contributes to your Highest Good, even if it does not always seem to be the case.
That is why you are there, why you incarnated.
And it’s something that cannot be done “on autopilot”, which is exactly what occurs when you go through life unAware.
As they say, “stop and smell the roses”, Beloved One.
This may not be your “only life”, but it is the only life in which you are embodied in your particularly body, surrounded by these loved ones, and living the situations you are currently experiencing. “They will never come again.” Enjoy the blessings and unique experiences while you are able.
You are SO loved!


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