Here We Go A-Maundering

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As I mentioned in one of my more recent posts, the changes that have been taking place in my professional life as of late are making room for old dreams to be resurrected as well as giving birth to NEW ones. 

Dreams which DH and I are now dreaming of together.

One of the questions I was asked during the interview process for my new job was:

“If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?”

At first, I gave the “acceptable” answer. At least, what I thought was acceptable, and, then, was told that wasn’t the question that was asked.

The gentleman was searching for an answer that was authentic, true, and what my heart truly desires to do. The truth of the matter was, I didn’t know.

For years, I have been in survivor mode, doing what I felt I had to do in order to help support my family. Anything that I thought would bring in some money.

Even what started as my passion project, ended up turning into a life raft.

But I continued to ponder on the question, and what came to mind was…

Travel Blogger!

For as long as I’ve been blogging, a part of me has wanted to be a Travel Blogger. Only, financial situations haven’t really allowed me the freedom to travel as I would like. (And, let’s face it… Covid, hasn’t exactly been helpful toward that end, either.)

My new job is changing all of that for us!

Meet the Mystic Maunderer

Well, you can’t really meet her yet, as she’s not yet in our possession.

The Mystic Maunderer is the name we’ve (already) chosen for the RV we’re planning to buy in the spring.

Currently, the front-runner is the Coachman Leprechaun 260DS.

This isn’t the exact one we’re looking at to purchase but is an example.

Spiritually “Selling Out”

Now, I imagine there are those out there in the Spiritual Community who believe I’m selling out, that I’m not longer spirit-led. I, however, beg to differ.

For me, as I look back now, this past 9-year cycle has been all about learning to listen to Spirit and follow its urgings. Even when they’re uncomfortable. I spent A LOT of time doing things that felt as though I was doing nothing more than spinning my wheels. And all I got from Spirit was “keep going”.

I did.

If It told me to zig… I zigged. If It told me to zag… I zagged. All the while I had no idea what I was doing.

I felt as though I was a drunkard, stumbling around a dark room. (Though, I feel as though a lot of that was Ego playing tug-of-war with Spirit.)

All of it ended up bringing me to this place (this lovely place) in which I find myself now.

Will this bring an end to The Enchanted Hearth?

I don’t feel that will be the case. I just don’t – yet – know what it will look like going forward.

I’m following my passion, and write now, my passion is being stoked by the very act of maundering.  

Let’s Connect In Other Spaces, too!

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