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Hello, dear friend! I hope this Monday morning finds you and yours well!

I’m back with Monday Messages, and this edition is written as well. It’s a Letter From Dave…

If you happened to read my blog post from last week, you’ll know that Dave is a member of my Spiritual Support Team.

He is a gnome that wears wooden shoes and lederhosen. His job on my team is to inject FUN and LAUGHTER into my days, which is a very important job since I have pretty much been an adult since I was a little kid.


Last week, he decided to stage an insurrection and demanded (though that can sound harsher than it really was) that I give him and his colleagues more opportunities to share their wisdom with you.

He wants to help bring more FUN and whimsy into your life, too!

So, this week’s edition of Monday Messages is a Letter From Dave… I hope you enjoy it and that it lifts your spirits.

A Letter From Dave

Hello, friend! It’s ME, Dave! I’m so glad for this chance – FINALLY – to talk to you!
It took some convincing, but I finally convinced Dawna to give me some space, some time where I could connect with you and share my own “brand” of wisdom, as she says.
Are you having fun in your life?
I mean, do you wake up each day, excited to see what the Universe has in store for you?
Then, my friend, you are definitely doing something wrong!
Life, here on Earth, is meant to be enjoyed. You are meant to have fun.
You humans have made things so complicated for yourselves. Overly so!
Simple-ize, I say!
Dawna tells me that the word is “simplify”. I much prefer my version.
Simple-ize your life!
Are there things that you hate to do? Why do you do them, then?
Is it out of a real desire to do them or because you feel you have to?
I hear some of you say, “I have no choice.”
Well, that’s not entirely true, is it? You have choices! They’re just not ones that you’re willing to… well, choose. But, in the end, you are choosing. Just… some of the choices you feel you have aren’t, to you, acceptable, right?
So, if you are doing something that you would rather not do, how can you make it fun?
For instance… Dawna used to clean the house on Mondays. She didn’t always like it, but it was one of those things that “needed to be done”. Especially since the family – which at the time numbered 5 – had been home all weekend.
At times, it looked like a “bomb” had “gone off”! So, it was a real chore. But – often – she would add music to the mix. Fun, uplifting music that would make her want to dance.
What chore are you facing this week that you would rather not? Something that you’re just not looking forward to?
Can you break it up into bite-sized pieces?
Can you introduce fun into your schedule?
What if you stopped every couple of hours to have a mini-dance party? Dance around. Act goofy.
Is it really any different than when you were a child and had “recess”?
Maybe have a “snack time”.
Any time in which you can get in touch with your inner child will help lift your spirits.
Now, Dawna is reminding me that not all of you had fun, uplifting childhoods. I “get it”. But there is still – within – you a Divine spark that is high vibrational, that knows how to have fun, and is filled with joy. It IS JOY. It IS LOVE!
Get in touch with that being and let it take the lead a few times a day.
Feel Its joy for life!
And if that is too difficult for you to do… perhaps you could imagine that within you lives a sprite, a faery just begging to get out.
How would that faery act? What would it do? Especially after being cooped up in a dull, boring space for so long?
Just let it lead the way!
Act as you imagine that faery would.
You’ve heard the saying “fake it until you make it”, right? Well, the same is true here.
If you have a silly hat… wear it and let the silliness take you over.
But, maybe, you work in an environment that doesn’t allow you to “let your hair down”… How about some silly socks?? Or wear some silly underwear? (Dawna suggests “Underoos” and tells me they make them for adults now!) You’ll know they’re there, AND it’s a secret that only YOU know. EVEN BETTER!
Life is meant to be JOYFUL and FUN!
And this is one way you can experience these things for yourself.
Let me know how it goes!

I hope you will take Dave’s advice to heart, and if you do, please let us know in the comments below how it goes for you this week. What situation in your life was lightened? Did you experience more JOY and FUN in your life? I really would like to know!

Until next time, dear friend, may you experience OODLES of JOY and FUN in your life!

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