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What People Are Saying

“Dawna’s reading was on point and reflected what I’d been feeling. She’s definitely aligned and my questions were answered.”
Karen D
“You got me. Everything I’ve been feeling you hit right on the nail.”
Daniele K
“Wow! That was SPOT ON! Literally every part of it!”
Ambs M
“I loved the way the reading unfolded. And, yes, a complete reflection of what I’ve been feeling in my gut.”
Latrelle R
“Dawna did a reading for me. I was moved to tears by the poignant message but also empowered by what she intuitively revealed. This is the absolute best outcome for a card reading I think. We’ll definitely work together again!”
Karen M.

What Now?

If you’re fairly new to the “woo” (or the mystical side of spirituality), you may not be sure where to go from here.

That’s okay! We all start somewhere, right? Please allow me to guide you through the process. I’ll be gentle, I promise!

Am I Diving Into the “Dark Arts”?

I assure you… There are no Death Eaters here.

In all seriousness, though….
Maybe this is something you were taught to be concerned about as you were growing up. I assure you this is not the case. Though, like anything else, it can be abused. I, however, am not one to that such an approach.
Divination is a means to consciously connect with Spirit, in Its many forms. It is nothing more than a tool.
Intuitives (sometimes referred to as “psychics”) will use as a tool to connect with all manner of spirit beings (ie the Divine/God/Goddess/Spirit, angels, spirit guides, etc.). For me, who I connect with really depends on the oracle or tarot deck. I tend to stick with Spirit, angels, and animal spirits.

My Decks

I have a number of decks from which my clients may choose. When you book a reading with me, you may:

  1. Choose for us to utilize one of the decks below.
  2. Choose a number between 1 and 10.
  3. Just leave it up to my discretion.
Either way works for me. I’m really flexible that way.

Reading Options

Please visit my Offerings page to view the options I’m currently offering for readings.
*Please note: Communication for readings purchased during the weekend may be delayed until 9 am Eastern time Monday morning.

What Should I ask?

In the book that accompanies the Gaian Tarot  Joanna Powell Colbert shares the following information regarding what she calls the Art of Asking Questions:

Often, you or the person you’re reading for won’t know exactly what question they want to ask. You know you are troubled by a situation, or want some guidance, but are vague about specific questions. Take as long as you need to clarify your question. Fuzzy questions will generally lead to fuzzy answers.

It is helpful to focus on the area of life you’re interested in (such as relationships, career, health, money, travel, spiritual paths) and the time frame (right now, with the next week, month, season, or year). I have found the most success in doing readings for short periods of time. Doing a reading for a year from now may not give you accurate results, as the future is not set in stone.

It’s best to ask open-ended questions that begin with ‘what’, ‘how’, or ‘where’ rather than ‘will XYZ happen?’ Open-ended questions are much more empowering and insightful than yes/no questions.

Mary K. Greer has said that her favorite all-purpose question is: ‘What do I most need to look at in my life right now?’ and I agree. Sometimes I add a topic, so the question becomes: ‘What do I most need to know about my health right now?’ or ‘What do I most need to know about my primary relationship right now?’

With regard to questions you may like answers to after I’ve done your reading… You may pose yes/no questions at that time. If I feel I do not have the answer, I may utilize my pendulum or draw additional cards.

I Hope That Helps!

If there are any other questions I may answer for you in order to gain a greater understanding of this path we will walk together, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I am happy to be of assistance!

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I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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