Our Inner Child: The Key to Our God-Given Gifts & Talents

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What were your favorite things to do when you were a young child of 5 or 6?

You know, those things in which you could easily lose hours of time because you were so fascinated and engaged.

Of those things, which ones do you still engage in today?

Our Inner Child

When we come into this world, we still have inklings of who we truly are. It is at that point in our lives that we are the most connected with the Spirit Realm than we ever will be again.

Well, unless, of course, we’re able to find a way to get in touch with that child once again.

Our Inner Child is the part of us that still remembers, that Infinitely Divine being that knows what we came here to do, experience, and create.

It is by looking at our childhood – beyond the detritus we experienced and accumulated at the hands of those who helped to shape and mold us as human beings – that we are able to (re-) discover our innate “God-given” talents. It is through remembering that our memories become akin to a map that will lead us back to our True Self, the energy being we are beyond this world.

Discovering Our God-Given Gifts & Talents

So, with this in mind, I, again, ask you…

What did you like to do?

Not too long ago, DH (“Darling Hubby”) and I watched an episode of a history show called Time Team.

As we watched the archeologists digging, I recall telling him, “You know, I think they were the kids that used to dig up things, and the Geologists, they used to collect rocks.”

The comment was mostly in jest, but I could actually envision it in my mind.

They seemingly loved what they were doing and were good at it!

That is what God-given gifts and talents look like in motion.

Putting This Knowledge to Work

As an only child, I used to play a great deal by myself. “Office” was actually one of my favorite games.

I would create forms to fill out for various situations.

This just shows that I have always been detailed oriented. A fact and gift that translates well into being an entrepreneur.

In addition, my parents gave me the use of a tape recorder early on.

I used to love to record my voice, much like I was a radio announcer.

At other points in my life (primarily middle school and high school), I would record meditations for myself. Whether it was in an attempt to combat anxiety or deeply ingraining facts and dates in my mind for a big upcoming test, I would often record things that I would listen to at night.

I was aware of my subconscious mind, even then!

What does that have to do with anything, you might ask?

These were things I enjoyed, things that – one could say – were natural for me.

As such, I’ve been going back to these things more and more in my business.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been creating meditations for my Enchanted Hearth community.

Members really seem to like them, and I continue to get feedback about them. But, in the end, that really isn’t why I continue to produce them.

For certain, it’s good “business sense” to create what your tribe likes. If your heart – therefore, your spirit – isn’t in what you’re creating, it’s likely the project won’t longstanding.

I continue to produce these meditations because I. enjoy. it. It’s a natural expression of my Self.

In addition, I have a revival of the podcast in the works.

Do these things generate income at this point in time?

Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean something won’t come of it in the future.

That, however, isn’t the real focus here.

Food For the Soul

God/Universe/Spirit (GUS) blessed us with gifts and talents for a reason.

They are the salve for what ails us while living this earthly existence.

Now, granted, that does not always seem to be the case.

For instance, before I discovered what a gift being an empath and/or sensitive can be, it felt like a curse.

And there are still times in which the feelings can be overwhelming, but that is usually when I’m not utilizing my spiritual tools and taking care of my energy.

In truth, I can no longer imagine not having this gift. It brings such a vividness to my life, layers upon layers of sensation. It’s the difference between “reading the book” and experiencing a well produced movie that engages all of your senses.

As I said, we were given the gifts and talents we have for a reason. It is up to us to discover, or in some instances, re-discover them and put them to good use.

If not for ourselves, for those around us.

Because that’s another reason for our gifts and talents… to make the world around us a better place.

Until next time, I’m sending you oodles of LOVE and BIG, SQUEEZY hugs. ❤️

Take care!


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