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When I was a little girl, my grandmother worked as a dishwasher at a nursing home. Because of my parents’ work schedules, I used to spend a lot of time with her, and there were times when I went to work with her. 

Over the years, I became friends with many of the residents there, and when we moved to another part of the state, I would write letters to one resident in particular.

Many years have passed, and I cannot, unfortunately, remember her name, but “Mrs Williams” seems to resonate for me.

I remember my grandma telling me how much those letters meant to Mrs Williams. She would often gush about them and say,”they sound just like her”. It was almost as if I was “sitting right there, talking with” her.

Mrs. Williams has long since passed.

After all, she was elderly at that time, and 40+ years have gone by since I was that little girl.

But I realized recently that is what I seek to bring to you, through my sharings and through my work, the same sort of feeling Mrs Williams experienced through my letters and even my presence when I visited.

She was in a nursing home. (Though, admittedly, I never knew why.) I’m certain she had visitors, but there had to be moments when she felt lonely.

It brings gladness to my heart to know I made a difference in her life.

She knew she wasn’t alone, that someone cared.

That is why I do what I do.

Life IS a Challenge

We all know that, but there are times in our lives when we can feel lonely. Time when we feel as though there is no one in our sphere of influence we can share our Heart with.

Either they would take what we have to say personally, make it “about them”, or they just wouldn’t “get” it.

We weren’t meant to “go it alone”, though!

That is where having a Spiritual Mentor or Life Coach in your “corner” can be helpful.

He or she will listen with an unbiased ear and help you gain a clearer perspective about the situation and offer suggestions on how you can move forward, to heal.

While I cannot say how other coaches and mentors work, I can say for certain – with me – you’re not only working with me but my whole team of Angels, guides, AND GUS will often interject “his” wisdom and perspectives into the conversation.

If you’re fairly new to my community, you may be wondering who “GUS” is.

GUS is “God, Universe, Spirit”.

I first heard this name, this designation, from podcaster and (now) Love & Femininity coach, Shelsey Jarvis.

From that first moment, the name STUCK for me!

Since then GUS has become my buddy, my pal. We hang out together on a daily basis in constant conversation.

I often envision him as a young, dark-haired male, but he’s a shapeshifter.

He’ll appear to me as an old man, an animal with a message… Whatever the situation, at any given time, calls for.

Most recently, though, as we were going about my morning routine, he reminded me of the letters I used to write for Mrs Williams. He told me “we need to do that, again”.

So, here we are, getting the website for this new, creative joint-venture that GUS inspired me to begin.

Letters From GUS

Letters From GUS is a new feature here on the blog, but it’s one that doesn’t have a specific day it will be posted. Just whenever GUS deems it “necessary”.

Much like the letters I used to send to Mrs Williams, though, the purpose of these posts may be to grant clarity and perspective or just uplift your spirit when you most need it.

You can think of them much like “letters from Home”.

And because these “letters” are for you, as a member of our community, if you have a question you would like to pose to GUS, please feel free to email us with it.

(Please note: Because we want to encourage members of our community to reach out to us with their questions if you do so, your name will be kept anonymous as well as any identifying details or information.)

If we receive enough requests, I may have to create a cue, but, please rest assured, that we will get to yours as soon as we possibly can.

If, however, you feel your question is something that needs a quicker response or you would like it personalized, I’m happy to accommodate you in exchange for a love donation. Just email me, and let me know that you would like a response “sooner than later” (ie days versus weeks).

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about this project and to see what words of wisdom and inspiration GUS has for us.

Until next time, I’m sending you oodles of LOVE and BIG, SQUEEZY hugs. ❤️

Take care!


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