Wisdom from Louise Hay: I am free

Happy Monday to you, my friend! I hope this finds you well.

In the event that you are having difficulties getting around on this New Moon Monday, here’s a bit of wisdom from Louise Hay. I hope it helps to lift your spirits.

I am pure spirit and light and energy. I see myself as being free. I am free in my mind. I am free in my emotions. I am free in my relationships. I am free in my body. I feel free in my life. I allow myself to connect to that part of me that is pure spirit and is totally free. I release all of my limitations and my human-mind fears. I no longer feel stuck. As I connect with that spirit within me, that part of me that is pure spirit, I realize that I am far more than my personality, or my problems, or my dis-ease. The more I connect with this part of me, the more I can be free in every area of my life. I can choose to be that part of my spirit that is totally free. If I can be free in one area, I can be free in many areas. I am willing to be free. The part of me that is pure spirit knows how to lead me and guide me in ways that are very beneficial to me. I trust the spirit part of me and know that it it is safe to be free. I am free in my love for myself. I let that love for myself flow as freely as possible. It is safe to be free. I am spirit, and I am free. And so it is.

Louise Hay, Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom

And because the teenager in me will not let it go… I thought I’d share this with you as well.

May you have a wonderful day, my friend!

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