Overthinking & the Chakras

Jul 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Hello, again!

Here I am, Day #2 of my vacation, and my muses have yet to receive the memo.

OR maybe they have and are celebrating the fact that my mind isn’t preoccupied with all the details that come with the daily life of an entrepreneur/freelancer.

Whatever the case might be… I’m going with it because I know, from experience, that the muses can, sometimes, be fickle.

Overthinking Life

This morning I sat down to catch up on my blogroll and came across a post from Vasundhra at My Spiritual Shenanigans, 5 Unique Ways to Understand & Relax Your Overthinking Mind.

One of the things she mentioned was the fact that – when we are in overthinking mode – our chakras may be out of alignment.

I have to say this was an ah-ha! moment for me.

While – as an energy healer – I am familiar with the chakra system, I hadn’t correlated my bouts of overthinking with my chakras being off-kilter.

In the past, I have had another energy healer tell me that she was having difficulties getting my energy to ground.

At the time, I was amused by it, but as I ruminate upon that fact as well as this  quote from Vasundhra’s post:

“And one way to look at overthinking, is to see it as overusing and obsessively fuelling your third eye, the chakra of imagination and visualization.

So when you’re daydreaming, living in the past/future, or are cooking stories about life, know that your lower chakras are not being fully utilized. And as a consequence of that, you have moved out of the physical plane to living in the mental plane.”

It really gives me cause to take pause.

There is a reason I call myself “the Mental Mystic”, and while I have come a long way over the years of my Journey, I know I still have a ways to go.

What Is the Solution?

The solution – as Vasundhra mentioned in her post – is to ground.

In other words, getting our spirit more firmly seated into our physical form by channeling more of our vital energy circulating through ALL of our chakras, particularly the lower ones.

The best way of doing this is by coming back to the present moment, and the quickest way of accomplishing this is by experiencing it through each of our senses.

Vasundhra expresses this much more eloquently in her post, but here is a simplified version:

– What are 3 things you’re able to see from where you are?

– What 3 odors can you smell hanging in the air?

– What are 3 things you can hear?

– Reach out and touch 3 surfaces and note the sensations you experience?

– Feel into the taste within your mouth. What residual tastes can you sense? 

Possible Effects of Overthinking

Many “overthinkers” tend to experience gut issues, and is it any wonder?

If we take into consideration the idea that – by overthinking – our vital energy (ie chi, prana, etc) is being focused primarily on our third eye chakra and less in our lower chakras, it stands to reason, doesn’t it? Our solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras are considered “under-active” and, therefore, being deprived of the energy necessary for them to thrive.

It’s definitely something to ponder on more…

What do you think? (A rather ironic question, wouldn’t you say? 😂) Are you an overthinker? Have you noticed any adverse effects on your physical form as a result? I would love for you to share your perspectives!

Until next time, dear friend, may you be deeply rooted and grounded.

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