Hello, there, beautiful soul!

I’m SO glad you have found your way to my Enchanted Hearth!

My name is Dawna Kreis.

This is a fairly new space, so it is only a shadow of what it is meant to become. But my vision for it is – my Magical Refuge.


I know, there are those who believe magic is nothing more than stuff and nonsense. But the truth of the matter is… Magic is nothing but energy, and that’s the stuff our entire Universe is made from.

Anything is possible, if we only believe it’s so.

And that’s what this whole space is about!

This space is about to become SO much more than it currently is.

Why not pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and let’s mix up some magic together!

I so look forward to connecting with you in the days to come!

With Love, Light, and In Service,


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