Sitting With the Be-er: An Invitation

Apr 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Are you mental?

Before you get offended, let me explain what I mean.

Are you stuck in your head? More logical than feeling or intuitive?

I can be, too, which is the reason I’ve called myself the “Mental Mystic” for all these years.

I’ve gotten better with this, but I still have my moments.

And this week has been one of those moments!

Meeting Our Inner Cast of Characters

Within each one of us is a large cast of characters.

Yesterday, I met and sat with the “Seeker”, the “Grasper”, the “Controller”, and the one I call the “Be-er”.

Maybe you have met the acquaintance of the first three.

Each of them is busy in their own way. They never seem to just settle in and get quiet. Just sitting with them, in their energy, for any amount of time can be tiring and a drain on one’s own energy.

The Seeker – The Seeker is always seeking MORE. More to do. More to have. More to know. More to understand. Nothing is ever “enough” for her.

The Grasper – The Grasper is always trying to hold on to things. She doesn’t know the meaning of “letting go”. She does this out of fear, either because she feels what she is holding onto “defines” her, or out of a belief that she won’t get more of it in the future.

The Controller – The Controller believes that she must keep everything “just so”. Everything must meet her expectations. No one can do things better than she can or, at least, do it “right”, so she must do it herself. Often, this is done out of fear for her security. If things are “predictable” and “just right”, she or her reputation (other people’s expectations or opinions of her) is safe.

The “Be-er”

Then, there is the “Be-er”…

Now, one of DH’s favorite movies of all time is The Big Lebowski. He’s quoted it so many times over the years that the quotes have settled in my own mind and will pop up on their own from time to time.

When I sat with the Be-er for awhile, the quote that most stood out in my mind was…

“Nothing is f*cked here, Dude.”

And that’s exactly how it felt!

Nothing! Absolutely nothing was “f*cked”.

Everything was in perfect order. I Knew, down the very last fiber of my being, that I live in a Universe that is good, and It has my back. All of my needs, wants, and desires are provided for. That everything is happening in Divine and Perfect Timing.

I was SO relaxed and comfortable, so “Zen” that, when asked to come back, I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay right there in the mind and presence of the Be-er.


As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t always been as laid back as I am these days. (Well, at least on my “good days”.)

Growing up, I tended to be hypervigilant. My mom was known (quite often) to have an explosive temper. A temper that often scared the bejeezus out of me. So, I often felt as though I was walking on eggshells.

It was a state of being that left home and went out into the world with me.

Then, when I had kids… It grew in strength if that was even possible.

To say that the Be-er has never been a close personal friend of mine is an understatement.

So, when I experienced her yesterday… my intention and goal immediately became to spend as much time with her as is (still) humanly possible.

Get to Know the Be-er

Here is my invitation to you to get to know the Be-er better, too.

But how do you do that, if you aren’t yet familiar with her?

For starters, I would suggest sitting with the other three first. Sit with them and really feel into what their energies feel like to you, to your body.

Once you are well acquainted with their energy, then sit with the Be-er, whose energy is completely void of theirs.

I’m almost certain, once you experience it, you won’t want it to end either.

Until next time, Beautiful One, may you sit in and experience the presence of the Be-er more moments than not each and every day. ❤️

Take care!


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