Soul Shifts

May 4, 2021 | 0 comments

This month in the Wisdom Keepers Circle, we’re taking a deep dive into Soul Shifts.

What are Soul Shifts?

According to Barbara De Angelis, the author of Soul Shifts:

“They are transformative inner actions originating from and in alignment with the highest spiritual truths. Rather than focusing on rearranging or revising things on the outside, we learn how to take these auspicious inner actions, to make powerful shifts in understanding, feeling and consciousness from within, thus transforming our lives from the inside out.”

The biggest part of our Journey as a being is to learn to go within.

Everything that we need and desire begins there.

Yet, many of us are hesitant to do so, and is it no wonder?

There’s just SO much to unpack!

So much mental and emotional clutter to clear out. Often, a lifetime’s worth!

It can be pretty daunting!

But it’s a journey that we need not go alone.

Oh, for certain… no one can do the work that is necessary for us but knowing that there are compassionate others, supporting us in a safe space as we make the journey can make all the difference in the world!

And that is what the Wisdom Seekers Circle is all about!

It is a safe space to come back to yourSelf.

And beginning this month, the Circle is expanding!

Rather than just a single Zoom gathering each month, the Circle now has its own Facebook group in which we will dive even further into the monthly subject. OR – as is the case with Soul Shifts – a multiple-month deep dive.

For more information or to secure your space in the Circle, please click the button below!

I hope to connect with you in the Circle soon, dear friend!


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