Square Pegs In a Round World

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I’ve known for some time that – overall – DW and I are square pegs, and at various points in my life I have tried to fit into “round holes”. But no more.

Why do I bring this up?

Because I’ve been looking around at the people that surround us here in Myrtle Beach, and I’m beginning to feel more and more… “square”.

“Putting down roots” used to be a dream of mine. Much like I see our neighbors doing. Many of them, you can tell, are here “for the long haul”. Retirement.

For DW and I, though… We’ve tried to do that many times. Before and after his return to active duty service, then retirement.

I’d like to say that our time as a military family changed us, that it conditioned us to look toward the “next place” after being somewhere for a few years. The truth of the matter, though, is that we’ve always been that way. I know I certainly have been.

Even as a teen, I would look past the borders of California and dream of going somewhere, anywhere that wasn’t where I was.

And the nerd in me just heard Yoda in my head, speaking of Luke Skywalker.

Yes, I was that sort of kid. (Dreamy and geeky.)

After DW and I met, then married, we moved to his hometown in Ohio for a handful of years. That was all it took for me to experience the wanderlust again.

We moved one more time before he went on active duty, again. After that, we moved every few years for almost 15 years.

As he neared retirement, I remember us trying to decide where we would move. (“Where do you go when the Army stops telling you where to go?”) Never did it cross our minds to go “home” – his or mine. After all, “been there, done that” already.

We decided on Missouri because we dreamed of “homesteading”. The reality of it, though, never was a good fit. 

It only took a handful of years before we moved again, and true to form… It didn’t take more than a few years for me to start looking toward the “next place”.

Only, our youngest still has a few more years until graduation, and we just don’t want to pull up stakes and move again. We want her to finish high school with the friends she’s made since we’ve been here.

The longer we’re here, though, the more I come to realize… No one place “fits” me.

The “perfect” place wouldn’t have a lot of people, but it wouldn’t take me long to get to “civilization”. In addition, the weather would be temperate year-round. Not too hot, not too cold, and NOT humid. (I don’t like to swim through my air.)

At some point I realized… such a place doesn’t exist. Or if it does, I have yet to find it.

Enter the RVing Life

BUT with an RV (and a remote job, which mine IS), we can go anywhere in North America we want. We can even follow the weather, which IS our plan!

I’ve mentioned this quite a bit lately because… Well, it’s at the forefront of my mind.

It’s a dream that DW and I are dreaming up together, so it definitely has the extra momentum!

But full-time RVing… Ultimately, that’s our end goal.

We’re not in a position YET to get the Maunderer, but that’s okay!

While I’m working during the day – building on our dream financially – DW is doing the research, which is his forte.

Together, we’re making lists (and checking them twice) of the things we want to pick up between now and then. As well as making a list of the places we want to go.

Funny enough… That has actually been the more difficult list for me to make.

Just like “where do you go when the Army stops telling you where to go?” “Where do you go when you can go anywhere you want to go (in North America)?”

My Maps

Now, I’ve been aware of Google Maps for many years now, but it wasn’t until I was watching one of the YouTube videos DW came across that I became aware of My Maps.

It’s awesome because I can create multiple maps AND multiple layers on each map!

Here you can see our “Maundering Map“.

On it, we’re adding pins for all the places we want to start visiting after we get the Maunderer.

Which places have you been to? Are there places we “should” visit that we haven’t added here yet?

Let us know in the comments below! We’d love your feedback.


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