The Pause Podcast: Episode 2 – Tarot with Kate Walter

After a series of unfortunate events, I’m back with Episode 2 of The Pause Podcast.

In this episode, I had the opportunity to visit with Kate Walter of K & K Inspirations. We discussed Kate’s gifts with the tarot, how she came to be with K & K and how she deals with the challenges she experiences while traversing her own spiritual path.

This is the tarot deck she used to do my reading.

And this was my reading… The cards just kept falling out! lol I love the images, though. They are much more vibrant than the original Rider Waite deck.

In this episode, Kate mentioned watching Truth Well Told Tarot and Estelle Tarot channels on YouTube to expand upon her own gifts. (If you’re interested in checking them out. I, too, like the ladies’ accents.)

And, as always, The Pause is brought to you by Creatively Zen Studios.

Next week, my guest will be Master Healer, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker Karen Dugan of Spirit of the Sands.

If you’re interested in booking a reading (either in person or virtually) with Kate, please visit the K & K Inspirations page on Facebook. You can message her (through the page) or call the number provided.

Until next time, dear friend, may you and yours be well!


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