Dawna’s Most Recent Video

This week, Archangel Michael is in the Spotlight, so I’ve invited him to come forward to share a message centered around Courage. I can’t guarantee that the other Archangels won’t sneak their thoughts in on the subject, though.

“It takes a great deal of strength and courage to respond to Life with love, compassion, and kindness; to march to the beat of your own Heart, rather than the beliefs and truths held by others. Call upon me for assistance to ‘go against the grain’, against the ‘rising tide’, to pave your own path and follow the calling of your own Heart.” ~Message from Archangel Michael


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Other Videos

Please note: While most of the videos below are “older”, they are “evergreen”. What this means is… Whenever you find yourself “inspired” to watch one video in particular, it often means your Spirit or your Krew wants you to hear one of the messages imparted within it. Even if it was a message that was recorded months, if not years prior to your watching it.