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2021 Schedule

April 13th – Seasons of Our Souls

May 11th – TBD

June 8th – TBD

July 13th – TBD

August 10th – TBD

September 14th – TBD

October 12th – TBD

November 9th – TBD

December 14th – TBD

Be Open to Creative Solutions & Take a Leap of Faith

The biggest message that stood out to me this week was “take a leap of faith”. If you are in a situation where things don’t look as you would like them to, Spirit is asking you to expect different. Be open to creative opportunities/solutions. Keep an eye out. Be aware of them. Again, expect them because they ARE on their way to you.

Feeling the Feels & Clearing the Residue

Hello, beautiful Soul! A Happy Tuesday to you! I hope this finds you and yours well! Today is #TuesdayTools in the Enchanted Hearth group (formerly the Angel Wisdom Tribe), and we are discussing the need for the full and safe expression of our emotions. In addition,...

Living In Alignment

When I was inspired with this idea, I ran with it! I had no idea (and I still don't) what it was to become, only that I was going to be "good" and follow the guidance. So, here I am. Continuing to follow the guidance. The funny thing about following guidance and...

Being Intentional

This morning, I awoke with "Intention" at the forefront of my mind. It is our motivation behind everything we do. Long ago, when I first embarked upon the mystical path, I discovered the difference between "white magic" and "black magic"... Intention. Over the years,...

Mini-Reading Monday: 4 January 2021

Hello, there, beautiful soul! I'm back from vacation! (What a wonderful break it was!) And I'm easing my way back into things. It's a brand new year just waiting for us to make our mark on it! It's also the start of a brand new week! Let's start it off right! Today,...

Holiday Season 2020: We’ve Made It!

Well, we’ve finally made it to the 2020 holiday season! It’s been a topsy turvy year, hasn’t it? My Sister Goddesses and I are cooking up some really juicy and creative goodness behind the scenes, aimed to support you and your loved ones. Click the link to learn more!